About us


Our colony "Cicho-sza" is an agritourism farm located among forests in a beautiful corner of Wielkopolska, where guests are welcomed with an old Polish custom, meaning "all we have is at your disposal". Our guests have at their disposal not only 7 hectares of beautiful terrain, managed by rustic gardens but also a lot of other additional attractions.
We have a stud, and in it 35 well-groomed and well-trained horses. Encouraging active recreation we lead interesting horse riding lessons, horseback tours and horse rallies.
An additional advantage of our farm is MINI ZOO, located on the entire surface area. You will find domestic and exotic animals such as ostriches, llamas, alpacas, tibetan yaks, dwarf zebras, camels, buffalo, Hungarian steppe cattle, raccoons, coati, skunks, kangaroos, macaques, many breeds of pheasants, ornamental hens, geese and ducks, many kuz and sheep, nutria, pig-boars, rabbits and many, many more.
Thinking about your comfort, we have organized many places where you can sit and relax or have a meal prepared by yourself or through our bar. Beautiful thatched roofs, carved tables, hearths and barbecues. The home and friendly atmosphere prevailing here favors relaxation, and the close contact with nature perfectly relieves stress.

Map of our farm