Children are invited to active contact with nature. In our zoo they will be able to meet many exotic and domestic specimens.
Our animals love people very much and are exceptionally gentle. They demand contact.
Fresh air, natural environment is an ideal place for relaxation and fun. Drawbridges, climbing chains, swings, slides, obstacle course, Gargamel tower, life-size artificial wild animals are some of the many attractions prepared for our little ones. The close contact with fauna and flora is an excellent method to conduct an interesting biology lesson and expand your interests.
During the summer we organize horse camps and half-children's camp. We encourage you to learn horse riding from the first year of your life. For the youngest we have prepared a series of pony exercises, for older ones the ride from scratch. Learning is conducted in a safe and professional manner by a qualified instructor. Horse riding has a positive effect on the general development of children, makes the body more flexible, helps to avoid posture defects, disciplines, develops imagination, improves physical fitness, coordination and allows you to fall in love with the wonderful creation of a horse.